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Sample Menu on Food Trailer

Pulled Pork Sandwich   $9.00

Combo Meal (sandwich, drink, &  side) $14.00
Smoked Brisket Sandwich   $10.00

Combo Meal (sandwich, drink, &  side) $15.00
Smoked Chicken Sandwich   $8.00

Combo Meal (sandwich, drink, &  side) $13.00
Kielbasa Sandwich   $8.00
Combo Meal (sandwich, drink, &  side)   $13.00

Combo Meal with DR Fry  +$1.00

Combo Meal with Slop Fry  +$2.00 
Chili/Soup  $6.00

Mac & Cheese  $6.00
Fries  $5.00
DR Fry (bacon, cheese & ranch dressing)   $6.00
Pork Slop Fry  (bacon, cheese, ranch, pulled pork & bbq sauce)   $7.00
Cole Slaw/Potato Salad   $3.00
Drinks   1.00

Something To Snack On

Mozzarella Sticks   $6.00

Snack Pack (Pepperette, Jerky, Cheese) $5.00

Smoked Cheese Block (Cooper, Horseradish, Swiss, pepper jack) $7.00

Jerky  (1/4 pound)   $8.00

*Prices & Items subject to change*

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